Information about pet mounts

Important information concerning mounts of pets

In respect of our clients and protecting their identity we decided
to do without displays of pictures of pet mounts on this page.

You will find a short introduction to taxidermy in
General Information On Animal Mounts. If you are
interested in having your deceased pet mounted, we
suggest reading that page for more information.

To begin with a short consideration, coming from
our long-time experience:

At the time of the first contact with us, many clients are
somewhat shy and feel unsure about their decision for a pet
mount. The pet owners often ask themselves whether their
wish might be considered as weird, and how their relatives,
friends and others persons in their surroundings will react.
Don't forget that it is YOUR wish to have a lasting reminiscence
of your pet! Our clients, who decided on having a pet mount,
come from all age and social groups, and pet mounting has
become widely accepted in our society.

Should you lose your pet (be it spider, snake, horse, dog, cat
or goldfish) make sure that it is deepfrozen immediately. If this
cannot be accomplished the animal should be sent to us using
an overnight-express-delivery service. In most cases, pets are
put down because of illness or old age weakness, and
therefore we can make arrangements for transport either by
telephone or e-mail. Maybe there are alternatives if you do not
want to make use of a delivery service or postal services.

Since you know your pet best, we need, if possible, significant
pictures, especially of your pet's face. Think about the position
your pet should be mounted in. We recommend a calm
posture,e.g. sitting or lying. Your pet surely had a favorite
way of sleeping or resting.

Taking into consideration to have your pet mounted, you
should bear in mind that your pet's soul is no longer present.
But a mount is like a three-dimensional photograph, with the
option to touch it, but still it is no longer alive.

Don't hesitate to contact us if there are further questions.